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Drs. Central Billing, LLC
Ohio, Florida and Kentucky Podiatry Billing Specialists since 1995



 The average Podiatrist WORKS enough to earn a decent living,

The Smart Ones Collect 

 Welcome to our web site. Please review what we offer and call or email for more information about how we can increase cash flow, and reduce overhead for your practice.

Since 1995 Drs. Central Billing, has been successful in increasing the cash flow of over 112 Podiatrists.

 We offer full service Patient and Insurance billing services, along with credentialing assistance.

                              You see the patients, We do the rest.

      Hear What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say


Drs. Central Billing is professional, honest, thorough, and timely in its billing & collections.  In addition, the people are friendly and helpful with coding questions.

-Marc Klein, DPM 

Drs. Central Billing provided expert feedback regarding under-utilized CPT codes and there was a seamless transition from our in-house billing to their service.

They improved our bottom line immediately.

                                                                                 Dr. Charley Greiner   


The credentialing department at Drs. Central Billing was able to get me onto all the insurance plans in the area very quickly.  As a new physician, this was important to both my employer and me.

                                                                                 Todd Loftus, DPM 

 I, at this time, have no complaints or criticism.  I think you and your crew do a fine job.  Keep up the good work.

                                                                        Stacy Osborne, DPM     

 I am very grateful to Paul and his colleagues at Drs. Central Billing.  They are very professional and courteous.  Looking back at the past years, I can honestly say I have never had any complaints.  Even when I relocated to another city to help a fellow Podiatrist for 6 months, they made the transition for me very smooth, and never missed a beat.  As crazy as it could have been and would have been if I did it myself.  They managed to do a great job.

I highly recommend Drs. Central Billing to all my friends without any regrets or reservations.  They are the best billing company bar none.

                                                                                Mark J. Mazur, DPM     


I have enjoyed the several year relationship that we have shared professionally.  During that time, your company has handled and represented my offices for billing and re-credentialing with insurance companies.

Your staff has always been available to me for questions and trouble shooting.  Additionally, if I had concerns, you or your staff were there to listen and work with me to resolve them.

Although no system is perfect, I have learned more from your company and had the best collections by percentage than other companies or collecting personnel.

                                                                              Steven B. Grossman, DPM  


I am very pleased with the results of your company.  You keep me up to date with the latest codes and recommendations as to how we can increase our receivables, and benefit our bottom line.

                                                                                Robert L. Fierman, DPM


I have been very pleased with the billing company.

                                                                                        Joanne Duckro, DPM


In my nearly 20 years in practice, my accounting experience has ranged from old style handwritten ledger format to office computerization utilizing three separate medical billing software programs, including one called P.M.S. (of which it truly was). Staff turnover during this period required the requisite training of new personnel and adjustment to each software system, with the resultant decrease in productivity and cash flow.  Staying abreast of Medicare’s correct coding changes and modification was a constant challenge for staff and physicians alike.

Since becoming a client of Drs. Central Billing approximately 3 years ago, cash flow and reimbursements have increased, resubmissions have decreased, and paper work and headaches relating to the billing have clearly diminished.  Staff members are able to devote more time and energy to the daily operation of the practice.

In addition to a monthly report on the previous month’s activities, Paul’s staff is constantly searching for and advising us on any additional reimbursable procedures.  Drs. Central Billing also submits all of our durable medical equipment, including diabetic footwear.

Without reservation, I would highly recommend Paul Fehring and Drs. Central Billing for podiatric specific billing and services.

                                                                                       J. Michael Moran, DPM 


I have seen a significant increase in income, and decrease in overhead.  I feel I am getting the most out of every claim. They are very aggressive in getting me my money.

                                                                                         Robert Hayman, DPM


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